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Talent Matchmakers's Values

Talent Matchmakers

Candidates love to work with us.

  • “I highly recommend Talent Matchmakers. My interaction with Madalina was beyond perfect. She helped me find the most appropriate opportunity for me, making sure that my interests and the company's interests that she represented aligned perfectly. Madalina guided me well throughout the whole process. In each step of the process, Madalina made sure that she contacted me and cleared up any concerns that I had. I felt really supported and in my opinion, she exemplifies how a great recruiter should be. Overall, I would be happy to recommend Madalina to any developers seeking new opportunities"


    Java Developer (2021)

  • “They are indeed committed to help the talents. At macro level, they come up with great ideas and implement them to create an environment that is suitable for talent matchmaking. At micro level, they adapt very well to the needs of the talent seeking a job. They will support you even if your priorities change, so you can rely on them in a long-term win-win relationship. And trust me, they really know the IT industry, which helps them to find really good matches. If you are either a company, or an individual seeking a job, Talent Matchmakers will come up with the right solutions for you because they master both the technical part and the psychological part behind recruiting. But you've got to convince yourself about all I said. Contact them now if you want the right matches that will positively impact your future!”


    Solution Architect (2021)

  • “​​Best experience by far that I've ever had with a recruiter. Sonia is very dedicated and very involved. She made the interview phase pleasant by being warm, opened and understanding. She goes beyond just making a match between company and candidate. She tries to make sure that it's the right match and that both parts are happy and satisfied. She gives constant feedback and updates at every single step, also asking for feedback all the time which means she's constantly looking to improve and better herself. Sonia reached out even after the recruitment process was finished to make sure everything was alright, and this showed me how much she actually cares, and I think this is what makes her so good at her job.”


    Java Developer (2021)

  • “Talent Matchmakers should be really proud of what they achieved. The interview with Mara was a true experience. She asked some questions that got me thinking even after the interview ended. It was a really thoughtful interview, not just standard interview questions. I would do it all again.”


    Engineering Manager (2022)

  • “I have known Cristina since fall 2017 from my first participation as speaker at CodeCamp event where she has participated as well and shared her experiences from other tech and non tech conferences. She is a passionate individual, loves what she does and helps other people to achieve their greater state of development. She is always involved, I have collaborated and still am with her and you should really work with her. I am 100% confident that this is the best you can find. I recommend it!”


    Frontend Developer (2022)

  • “Thank You Talent Matchmakers. Definitely a pleasant experience facilitated by Iulia who helped me find exactly what I needed for the next step in my career. This is the way to get the next best opportunity! Keep me in the loop :)”


    DevOps Engineer (2022)

  • “In touch with them since early 2020. Really high quality HR. They are leveraging employers' needs with the employees' demands. Helped me to get in touch with some hidden gems companies on the local market. Really helpful, I'm definitely recommending them and I will use their services in the future or I will provide a connection for some of my friends in need.”


    QA Engineer (2021)

  • “I had the most pleasant and professional recruitment process in my entire career of almost 10 years. Even after I was hired I was periodically contacted for feedback, something I have never experienced before with any recruitment company.”


    .NET Developer (2022)

  • “It's not only about filling a role. It's not only about a business transaction. It's about the journey, the support to find a "teammate", the understanding of what we need. And it's about making ethical hiring. Sounds almost impossible today, yet they do it.”


    Director of Engineering (2021)